Knights News · Volleyball Tryouts Official Teams

Thank you again to those that came to try outs.  We appreciate all efforts and the time you spent with us these last few weeks at open gym!  Like I said the last 2 days, if you do not see your number, please do not let this discourage you.  Please keep playing.  Try out at different clubs and attend clinics often.  I will be more than happy to guide you in that direction if you would like.

If you see your color/number, you will need to report to practice immediately after school on Monday 8/3.  Your parents will receive an email from me (Coach Winfield) by the end of this week with info.  Congratulations and we look forward to an exciting and competitive season!


Yellow 1

Yellow 2

Yellow 3

Yellow 4

Yellow 5

Yellow 6

Blue 2

Blue 3

Blue 4

Blue 5

Pink 2

Pink 6



Blue 1

Blue 6

Pink 1

Pink 3

Pink 4

Pink 5

Pink 7

Pink 8

Green 2

Green 3

Green 6

Green 8

Green 11