Girls Varsity Volleyball · Senior Night at The Ridge

Thursday night the girls’ volleyball team had yet another impressive performance. They swept both teams; crushing Cartersville 25 to 10 and 25 to 13, then embarrassing Cambridge 25 to 13 and 25 to 19. Though impressive, this was not the most important event of the night


The two seniors, Abby Infante and Reagan Keenan, were honored for their years of commitment to the sport. When the girls were asked about their feelings towards River Ridge volleyball and their teammates, Abby said, “River Ridge volleyball means the absolute world to me. My teammates and coaches have showed me what it’s like to make a family out of a team.” Then Reagan spoke and said “My River Ridge teammates are my family and have been from day one.”


When talking to the girls you could tell that Volleyball means the world to them. (Both girls were on the same page when talking about how they felt. Abby said, “River ridge volleyball has made me feel like I always have a home.”  Then Reagan stated, “The volleyball at River Ridge has made moving so much easier and really made the school feel like home. Changing high schools as a junior is not the easiest thing to do, but being on the volleyball team helps give me a great community and a sense of belonging in an otherwise different place.”


Although the end for high school volleyball is near, college hasn’t even begun. Abby committed to Reinhardt University this July. She plans to play there all four years of college and she “cannot wait to see what the future has in store.”


The future is still undecided for Reagan. She said, “I’m considering a couple of high academic colleges in the south eastern region. Academics are the most important thing to me. I want to go somewhere that will benefit me the most in that area. I am planning on playing volleyball after high school, but the question of where I have yet to answer.”

Edited by: Sergio Chong