Boys Varsity Football · Boys Varsity Football Pre-Game Prep.

At tonight’s varsity football game you can expect great things from the Knights! After a sit-down interview with our excellent head coach, Coach Collins here are some preparations the Knights have taken prior to tonight’s game. The boys’ varsity football team has shown great dedication and have committed to hours of strength and speed training, film review, and have been practicing playing on both sides of the ball by perfecting offensive and defensive plays. Coach Collins knows that the boys’ varsity football team will come out stronger and better than ever. The opening line up for the game will star the original twenty-two players from this season’s first game. When asked what is one thing that he is looking forward to in tonight’s game he states that he is “looking forward to seeing how much better the team has gotten from their first game, and, looking forward to seeing improvement offensively and defensively, and their growth in special teams.”  After a great interview Coach Collins ends with a message and reminder to his athletes being that they “need to play all four quarters of the game, stay confident and play with some juice!” I know the Knight will rise to the challenge and play a great game. Let’s go Knights!

Edited by: Lia Rosario