2018 GLax Transportation Info

2018 Transportation policy for GLax program


Car games are on the “event preview” button on the website schedule.


PARENTS are responsible for making sure that players get to the venue 1 hr prior to game start and PARENTS are the ultimate decision makers in how that is to occur for car games.

There are usually parents out there with extra seats for those of you that need help with getting your daughter to the car games.

If your family knows in advance that you will NOT able to arrive at a car game by the 1hr prior to game start, your daughter can notify the group on chat.  This should prompt other players who have parent cars with seats to contact her privately to help out, then she can renotify the group that she now can arrive at the car game on time.

Or, you may contact Heather Anderson at ahandek@aol.com, or Tina Lax at tina.lax@outlook.com for further assistance with contacting other parents.

Do not tell the coaches before the game that you don’t have a ride- we will not be able to help you.  Coaches are not allowed to arrange rides, carpools, or provide transportation other than team buses.